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Now, we and our products are taking off

Pritec Vaculyft AB

”En gång var vi en vanlig mekanisk verkstad som gjorde lite av varje till industrierna. Vår specialitet var lyft- och materialhantering, kunskap och erfarenhet som vi tagit med oss från vår förra arbetsgivare Sten Andersson, uppfinnaren av TUBE-lyften som tragiskt gick bort strax efter vi startade. Det var när vi i början av 2000-talet på allvar anammade tekniken med vakuumlyftar som saker och ting började hända. Sedan dess har det exploderat. Bygg- och entreprenadindustrin, som från början varit kallsinniga till våra markstensläggare, visade plötsligt intresse när de såg hur snabbt de kunde tjäna in maskinens värde.

Our Automotive's special solutions for, among other things, the automotive industry spread like wildfire in the industry and more and more people turned to us for help with material handling in their production.

A handful of employees have become almost 25 after we bought our neighbor Fjärås Mekaniska last year. An acquisition that we made to become more flexible and be able to move parts of our production to their premises. But above all, the purchase is part of our strategic future investment, which requires both more staff and more production space.

Because now it is not only in Sweden that we sell our products and solutions. To say that the whole world is at our feet would be a touch, but we have at least discovered that there is a great interest in both our products and the knowledge we have about material handling. With emphasis on solutions with vacuum lift that have many uses.

Together with our partners, we are building a dealer network in several European countries and also in the USA. We do not know where it will end, but it is at least an exciting development phase we are in.

Why does what happens happen, one might ask? Yes, we are convinced that it depends on the trust we have built up and the products we have developed. Our products solve many work environment problems and increase efficiency. 

At the same time, constant development work is underway. New products and new ideas are a must to be able to realize our plans. Not so long ago, we presented a new paving stone and more will come, we can promise that. 

Here on our website you can read more about our products and our solutions. Here you can also meet some of our customers who have received a lift with our help. ” 

Roland Andersson and Peter Olsson, owners of Pritec

Stands on three strong legs

Pritec Vaulyft AB

The company that handles World Wide sales of material handling equipment.

Pritec USA Inc

Our sales company for the North American market with warehouses in Wappingers Falls NY.

Pritec maskin AB

Sales company for the construction and contracting industry for our products with also other equipment such as stone saws, ground planning, hand tools for ground paving, ground vibrators, etc.


The most important factor for good ergonomics is the "variable weight" and simplicity. With low weight on the lifting equipment, of course without relying on strength, you get a lot of conditions for good ergonomic lifting equipment. Of course, the other thing that affects us is that we have more than 40 years of experience in the field.


Low "moving weight", simplicity and user-friendliness = efficiency.


We produce pretty much everything in the house and have extensive experience of production. We have modern machines such as robot welding, CNC milling, CNC turning and CNC sheet metal machines etc. This together with user-friendly equipment that speeds up the handling time up to 10 times compared to manual handling. Financially, products from us are usually an investment that has a very short payoff time.

tailored solutions

We undertake everything from small changes in the location of suction cups to entire workplace layouts. Forging, mechanics and lifting equipment adapted with the customer in focus you get from us.