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Now, we and our products are taking off

Pritec Vaculyft AB

” Once we were just an average mechanical workshop that did a little of everything to different industries. Our specialty was lifting and material handling, which knowledge and experience we brought with us from our previous employer Sten Andersson, the inventor of the TUBE lift who tragically passed away right after Pritec was started by Peter Olsson and Roland Andersson. It was then, in the early 2000’s that we seriously embraced vacuum lifting technology and things began to take off. Since then, it the market has just exploded. The construction and contracting industry, who initially were hesitant about out stone laying machines, suddenly showed interest and excitement when they realized just how quickly the machines would pay for themselves and become and asset”.” 

Our special solutions department which has its focus in the automotive industry among others has spread like wildfire, leading more and more to turn to us for help with material handling in their production.

After the purchase of our neighboring company Fjärås Mekaniska in 2017, we have become just shy of 40 employed. This acquisition made us more flexible and self-sufficient, allowing us to expand and delegate certain projects or parts to their location..

So many are drawn to us not only our products but also our extensive knowledge of material handling. Our products provide solutions to many work and environmental problems and increase efficiency. 

With a fixed eye always on the future, we are constantly in the developmental phase of new products and the testing of new ideas to align ourselves more and more with our ambition-to make lifting safer and smoother.

Since 2022, Pritec is now a part of Amplex, a privately owned Swedish business group that acquires, owns, and develops technology-based businesses. Through collaboration with our group companies and our partners, our solutions & products today reach Europe, Asia, and North America. 

Here on our website you can read more about our products and our solutions. Here you can also meet some of our customers who have received a lift with our help. ”

Roland Andersson VD och
Peter Olsson Technical Manager

Part of Amplex
Pritec is part of Amplex, a privately owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, owns and develops technology-based businesses in selected niches. Offering innovative solutions mainly in lifting technology and materials handling, workplace safety and lighting, the group companies contribute to increased efficiency and competitiveness for their customers. Together the companies have operations in some ten countries in Europe, Asia and North America. To learn more about Amplex, please visit


Stands on three strong legs

Pritec Vaulyft AB

The company that handles World Wide sales of material handling equipment.

Pritec USA Inc

Vårt försäljningsbolag för den Nord Amerikanska marknaden med lager i Wappingers Falls NY.

Pritec maskin AB

Försäljningsbolag mot bygg och entreprenad branschen för våra produkter med även annan utrustning såsom stensågar, markplanering, handverktyg för markstensläggning, markvibratorer, mm.


The most important factor for good ergonomics is the "variable weight" and simplicity. With low weight on the lifting equipment, of course without relying on strength, you get a lot of conditions for good ergonomic lifting equipment. Of course, the other thing that affects us is that we have more than 40 years of experience in the field.


Low "moving weight", simplicity and user-friendliness = efficiency.


We produce pretty much everything in the house and have extensive experience of production. We have modern machines such as robot welding, CNC milling, CNC turning and CNC sheet metal machines etc. This together with user-friendly equipment that speeds up the handling time up to 10 times compared to manual handling. Financially, products from us are usually an investment that has a very short payoff time.

tailored solutions

We undertake everything from small changes in the location of suction cups to entire workplace layouts. Forging, mechanics and lifting equipment adapted with the customer in focus you get from us.