Pritec Maskin AB

Also sells the subcontractors' machines

Pritec Maskin AB

Graders, mini dumpers, skylifts, pallet jacks and hand tools are not manufactured by Pritec. But the products are still available for purchase through the subsidiary Pritec Maskin AB. - You can say that we have become resellers for several of our subcontractors, says Martin Wiklund who is responsible in the sales company.

Pritec Maskin AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pritec Vaculyft AB whose main task is to sell the parent company's machines and equipment on the Swedish market. But the company is also a dealer for a number of other manufacturers in the mainly one-tripane industry.

- These are companies that in some cases are subcontractors to us and that have seen an opportunity to enter the Swedish market via Pritec. For us, it becomes easier if the customer wants a package solution with our product and, for example, a pallet lifter as carrier of the equipment. Then we deliver the whole package, says Martin Wiklund.

A good example is Hinowa, which is a subcontractor to Pritec's paving machines.

- They asked us if we wanted to sell their other products on the Swedish market and we saw no problem with that. Now we sell their range of mini dumpers, crawler excavators and skylifts.

Pritec also sells German Optima paving machines.

Don't they compete with your own paving machines?

- No, there are different machines that are aimed at different customer segments. Optima's machines work over large industrial areas of up to 10,000 square meters. Instead, it means that we supplement our own range of machines, answers Martin.

At the other end, Optimas is a dealer for Pritec in around 40 countries.

- Furthermore, we sell ground levelers and ground levelers from AP Machinebouw BV. They are powerful construction machines that handle everything from ground adjustments to asphalting, adjusting footpaths and cycle paths, adjusting house foundations and more. Spanish Conhersa S.L. manufactures pallet trucks for rough terrain. They work where no other pallet jacks do. Furthermore, we also sell Paclite's ground vibrators. It is "toads" who can handle the most demanding jobs. We also sell hand tools and aids for laying paving stones from the supplier Orit B.V., says Martin.

Pritec Maskin also helps its customers with service, repairs and support on the machines they sell.