Pritec vaculyft ab
Pritec Vaculyft AB specializes in lifting and materials handling. We have the knowledge and experience to understand and solve your problems in lifting and materials handling. We manufacture and sell machinery and equipment with ergonomics, economy and ease of use in mind.
Now, we and our products are taking off
30 years of experience with inspiration from Sten Andersson and the invention of the TUBE lift
Lay paving stones up to ten times faster
Pritecs paving machine lays up to twelve stones at a time
Mechanics & Forging
Construction forging, steel structures, service and repair. We fix most things.
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Ground paving machines based on the vacuum principle, fast and flexible for handling tiles, blocks, walls, etc.


Prilift Workstation plug and play. The smart solution for flexible lifting handling. Easy to install, handles most types of loads, 5-200kg.

Balance shifts

We use lifting equipment from our colleagues in the industry and build smart tools and solutions for these. If not, we develop our own concepts for both torque absorption and wire/linen balances.

Vacuum lift

Prilift, the lifting aid that PRI-orients ergonomics and economy. PRILIFT is a vacuum lift based on the TUBE lift principle. The simple principle as it both holds and lifts with the same vacuum.

Specially adapted lifting equipment

We manufacture everything from simple tools to complete solutions such as design, manufacturing, installation, layout, and commissioning.

Cranes & Traverses

Swivel cranes, Folding swivel cranes and traverses. Our smart and simple construction means that you get a crane with low dead weight and which is incredibly easy to work with.


Vaculyft sun - Quick and easy installation and replacement of solar panels. 

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Why pritec Vaculyft

Pritec offers the industry's smart standard products and special solutions that prioritize ergonomics and economy. PRILIFT is, for example, a vacuum lift based on the TUBE principle. It both holds and lifts with the same vacuum, which gives an extremely soft and compliant lifting movement.


The most important factor for good ergonomics is the "variable weight" and simplicity. With low weight on the lifting equipment, of course without relying on strength, you get a lot of conditions for good ergonomic lifting equipment. Of course, the other thing that affects us is that we have more than 40 years of experience in the field.


Low "moving weight", simplicity and user-friendliness = efficiency.


We produce pretty much everything in the house and have extensive experience of production. We have modern machines such as robot welding, CNC milling, CNC turning and CNC sheet metal machines etc. This together with user-friendly equipment that speeds up the handling time up to 10 times compared to manual handling. Financially, products from us are usually an investment that has a very short payoff time.

tailored solutions

We undertake everything from small changes in the location of suction cups to entire workplace layouts. Forging, mechanics and lifting equipment adapted with the customer in focus you get from us.