Prilift Vacuhand

Prilift, the lifting aid that PRI-orients ergonomics and economy

Vacuum lift

PRILIFT is a vacuum lift based on the TUBE lift principle. The simple principle as it both holds and lifts with the same vacuum, which means an extremely soft and compliant lifting movement.

This provides a lifting aid that is incredibly flexible, easy to use and efficient. Few moving parts make it economical to buy, maintain and have a long service life.

PRILIFT has major economic advantages - a robust and well-proven construction, few moving parts, easy to understand and use, requires minimal maintenance and has a long service life. Ergonomically designed and with a well-thought-out technology, we want to say that PRILIFT lifts the user's working day!

Examples of what can be lifted:
Sacks, cans, cartons, plates, barrels, doors, windows, appliances, furniture, slopes, paving stones,
bricks, planks, wooden boards, bottles, cans, wheels, pallets etc.

Examples of industries:
Construction industry, manufacturing industry, logistics / warehousing, automotive industry, packaging industry,
the assembly industry - in other words, everywhere where there is lifting and material handling.

PRILIFT is CE marked and complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and also American standards according to OSHA and ASME.